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What they say about us.....

Our clients become part of our business and we tend to become a part of theirs. We have a passion for business and for people.

Our aim is to "Enable businesses to better manage their financial processes"

We believe this will give them the ability to understand their businesses and how to identify areas of potential and growth. Having up to date, reliable information and the ability to understand what it means, can give owners the ability to improve the bottom line.

We have asked a few of our valued clients to provide a reference for our website and are delighted  they agreed.

Thet are happy to provide verbal confirmation.

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Fiona and myself first had involvement with Natasha and Lorraine 4 years ago and since day one they have provided our group of companies with technical support across the accounting, payroll and asset management functions using MYOB, Infusion and ACE systems.

As our business has grown they have provided us with great leadership and support for our internal admin team and provide us with an excellent cost effective support link between us and our Accounting advisers.

We would both business and personally recommend Natasha and Lorraine as they offer a personable, professional, timely support service.

Stephen and Fiona Frowde

Excel Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Limited

Taranaki Waikato Manawatu

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 Being a right brain person I am creative, but numerically challenged.
Having had issues with my MYOB system, I had spent a fortune at my accountants to remedy the problems “at their place”.
When I heard about Fast Track I engaged them the next time I needed help.
They came to my premises, showed me the solution, taught me and expanded my MYOB knowledge and all for a lesser hourly fee than I was paying my accountant.
Fast Track are conversant in most accounting systems so can help any business.  The best thing  - they are usually available within a day or two so my processing is not held up for days or sometime weeks.
I would recommend Fast Track to any business, they deliver.

Jenny Doherty
Managing Director 

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Phoenix Shipping looks after ships calling at various ports in New Zealand and Australia.  I have never been one to play with numbers even when I was at school, accounting was certainly not one of my strengths and therefore it was important for me to make sure I had the right mix of people onboard and around me to make my business a success.

Natasha McConnell and Fast Track came onboard in 2006.  We were introduced to Natasha to get our systems in place.  She helped simplify our systems to help both parties, it would be fair to say Natasha has a better understanding of shipping and we have a better understanding of accounting.  Natasha is a very professional individual willing to help cater for any accounting challenges we might put to her, we are very happy with the way Natasha has conducted herself with our business and look forward to a long working relationship for many years to come.

Billy Preston
Managing Director

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When we first met Natasha  3 years ago, we were inexperienced in the use of our MYOB software, not using it to its full potential, and had a major problem with  MYOB 'jamming' with multiple users, and were considering changing our accounting programme.   Natasha referred us onto an IT company who was able to fix this problem for us (after many others had tried). With Natasha's support and training in MYOB,  and also her accounting experience, we are now using our software to its full potential, including doing our own GST returns.  The result has been having more insight and understanding regarding the financial side of our business, and having a more efficiently run and productive business.

We always find Natasha professional and reliable. She is available to fix quick problems over the phone, and often calls into our business to sort problems for us at short notice.  She is very knowledgable of MYOB software, and we also appreciate her general accounting and business advice.  We would highly recommend Natasha and FTSS to any future clients.
Erin and Craig Stephens

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